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Entertainment Why Biopics Are The New Trend In Bollywood?

Why Biopics Are The New Trend In Bollywood?

Biopics, as we all know, are the struggle stories taken from real life events. These real-life events are often taken from the lives of very famous and renowned people. But the real question is why are Biopics trending in Bollywood? And this trend is taking over Bollywood at a faster pace.

We suppose that there are only two probable reasons for this:

  • Either the Bollywood directors want people to get a glimpse of real live struggles through their movies.
  • Or they are lacking in ideas

No matter, what the real reason is but this trend is only good to a certain extent. It’s a good thing that Bollywood Directors are making movies on a real-life event, but certainly not every famous personality is worth a Biopic. 

Why Biopics Are The New Trend In Bollywood?
source: Blogtobollytowood

       “Cinema has always been a great influence”

Cinema can be used as a medium to influence people in a right way and definitely, Biopics play a great role in influencing people by actually touching their hearts. Biopics are better because people can easily relate to the realness of the events occurring in the lives of people. And the best part about Biopics is that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

But Bollywood has taken it too far for real by making Biopics of Celebrities whose life struggles are not even worth. And the worst apart about these Biopics is that they are total entertainment based, molded in a way to attract more viewers by tampering with real facts.

Why Biopics Are The New Trend In Bollywood?
source: map of India

Biopics like “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, “Dangal” and “Manjhi- The Mountain Man” are some examples of good Biopics that give inspiration to people. These Biopics give people the real strength to face the struggles and move on with their lives. But Biopics based on celebrities who are already born with silver spoon in their mouth is worthless. And that too these Biopics are changed to get a good storyline.

So, in short, if the Biopics have a totally true storyline and is still able to inspire people than it should be directed. Otherwise, Bollywood should come up with better ideas than Biopics and stop convincing people by tampering with facts. We hope to see better Biopics in the coming future than those molded facts about people that are already famous.

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