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Why Cant Mosquitoes Suck Fat Instead Of Blood? This Is How To Get Rid Of Them

Did You Know Mosquito Is The Most Dangerous Animal Of The World?

world's most fangerous animal - mosquitoes

It’s all true, according to World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are responsible for even more than a million deaths every year. The most dangerous of the mosquito species is considered the female anopheles mosquito which is responsible for causing malaria and one of the most shocking fact states that:

According To WHO, Around 300 To 500 Million Cases Of Malaria Are Seen Every Year And After And Every 30 Seconds, A Child Dies Because Of Malaria

So now, how can we get rid of these annoying mosquitoes?

No matter how hard you can clap, these bed bugs are never going to stop haunting you, so what can one do to get rid of them? Let’s take a look at these natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes:

world's most dangerous animal - mosquitoes

1. Eat Garlic: Garlic might smell bad but is actually what we really need to get rid of these deadly parasites. When we eat garlic, a strong oil is released from our pores which acts as a mosquito repellent for us, moreover, the odour of the garlic is also the thing which mosquitoes cannot bear.

2. Tulsi: According to a scientific journal, tulsi has the properties of killing mosquito larva and keeping the mosquitoes away. Moreover, an Ayurvedic study tells us that tulsi not only protects us from mosquitos but also prevents mosquitoes from entering into our house, just keep a tulsi plant near your window in the evening and mosquitoes wouldn’t dare anymore to enter your house.

world's most dangerous animals - mosquitoes

3. Camphor: Many people don’t know but camphor is made up of a tree extract which has the properties of a mosquito repellent. This easily available ingredient can be lit up in the evening to easily get rid of mosquitoes.

4. Lemon Oil and Eucalyptus: Recommended by CDC, the mixture of lemon oil  and eucalyptus have the both antiseptic and insect repellent properties.

5. Citronella oil: Citronella oil is the ingredient which is used in almost all the common mosquito repellent chemicals like Odomos and Lizol. Citronella oil is prepared from the citronella grass and is really very beneficial in getting rid of mosquitoes.

World's most dangerous animals - mosquitoes

6. Lavender: Lavender oil not only comes with a divine fragrance but also with the properties which can easily keep any mosquito at bay.

Around 2,500 species of mosquitoes exist in this world and for your further information, mosquitoes are found in every region of the world, therefore, stay safe and try to remain as far as you can from these deadly little monsters.

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