Why Did Steve Jobs Chose Not To Treat His Cancer Despite Millions On His Bank Account?

Steve Jobs needs no description as he is no stranger to the world. He was the founder and the former CEO of Apple. Apple, a company that not only produces mobile phones which are a status symbol for people all over the world but gadgets that are a symbol of pure excellence. Steve Jobs is the man who started a new revolution of smartphones with the utmost technology. His perseverance and excellence in work are an inspiration for many.

Why Did Steve Jobs Choose Not To Treat His Cancer Despite Millions On His Bank Account?

But did you know, he choose not to treat his cancer despite being so rich? Who doesn’t love their life? Would you do the same if you had the same amount of money on your bank account as Mr. Jobs had? Surely, No!!! Now, the question arises that why did he do so????  As we all know, Steve Jobs was suffering from cancer and this deadly disease became the reason for his death in the year 2011.

Why Did Steve Jobs Choose Not To Treat His Cancer Despite Millions On His Bank Account?
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Let’s make it very clear that he was not suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. He had actually had a neuroendocrine tumor, more specifically an insulinoma. These tumors are less deadly or what we call quite ordinary than those pancreatic tumors.These tumors are mild forms of cancer and can surgically be treated by removing the tumor. This table shows that Insulinoma with 88.7% of overall survival rate is not as deadly as the other life taking tumors.

Why Did Steve Jobs Choose Not To Treat His Cancer Despite Millions On His Bank Account?
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Mr. Jobs himself admitted that he had discovered this tumor at its early stage. In this case removing the primary tumor would surely not have resulted in the removal of his organ.  Surprisingly, even then he chose not to remove that tumor from his body. He chose alternative medicines to the surgery that could have saved his life.

So, if the disease was not that deadly then why did he die? Because even the most intelligent brains on this earth seldom do stupid things. He could have saved himself, but he chose to ignore it. And when he actually became cautious about it, time had left no choice. His ignorance gave tumor a chance to spread and turn into a deadly one from an ordinary one.

Steve Jobs admitted that he didn’t want his body to be opened and would feel violated if surgically treated. He ignored the surgery for nine long months and finally got himself operated when his wife pressurized him. But it was all in vain, a month is enough for a disease to strengthen its roots. Though, he definitely regretted his ignorance and wanted to talk about it. But, sometimes ignorance has drastic consequences to offer.

His life is obviously an inspiration for people who want to succeed in life. But, one should learn from other’s mistake too. He is a live example of how a small ignorance can lead to deadly results. Everything no matter how small should be given importance and should be given priority. Even the smartest minds do stupidest mistakes. So, it’s surely a life lesson to learn for all of us who ignore small things and grieve when it turns out to be big.

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