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High Life Why Do Chinese Women Have Less Breast Cancer? A Must-Read

Why Do Chinese Women Have Less Breast Cancer? A Must-Read

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Following is the inspirational story of famous professor Jane Plant who was made a CBE for her work in geochemistry. But at the age of 42, she was struck by breast cancer in 1987. Jane devised a revolutionary diet and lifestyle program that she believes saved her life and can cut the chances of other women falling prey to cancer.

Why don’t Chinese people get breast cancer?

Why Do Chinese Women Have Less Breast Cancer?

Jane’s husband who is a scientist discovered the reason behind this question. Moreover, Jane started using this method and was able to win the battle with cancer.

Yes, the whole thing is controversial, but one’s should read it:

Story Of Jane Plant

So, to be honest with you, I still kept wondering – why don’t Chinese women develop breast cancer. Well, this was the main reason why I’ve examined this problem very closely. So, what we did – we actually blended our scientific backgrounds and tried to find a logical explanation. We started investigating scientific data which led us t to the percentage of fats in diets. Research has found that in the 1980s, fat made up only l4% of calories in the average Chinese diet, by contrast to the Western diet, which included 36% fats. Yet, before I developed this cancer, I ate a low-fat diet, rich in fibres. And, as a scientist, I am well aware of the fact that in the case of adults.

The intake of fat does not raise the risk for breast cancer. And, one magical day, we’re working together, some of us (I am still not sure who) got this brilliant idea: “The Chinese don’t eat dairy produce!” Well, to be honest with you, this was quite a shock, mixed with a great excitement and happiness at the same moment. We just felt we are so close to something big, and like all things were finally absolutely clear.

So, I started thinking about my close Chinese friends, who believed milk was for babies only, my colleagues, who always politely declined my offer for the cheese course, and the numerous people who cannot tolerate milk. And yes, this is also very important – I did not know anyone from China who used dairy or cow products to feed their babies.

Why Do Chinese Women Have Less Breast Cancer?

Namely, Chinese people find our preoccupation with milk and dairy rather strange. Back in the 1980s, I was entertaining a big Chinese delegation of scientists after the ending of the Cultural Revolution, and following the advice of the Foreign Office, we requested that the caterer provides a pudding with lots of ice cream. However, as soon as they understood the ingredients of the pudding, the Chinese politely refused it. Of course, we were delighted by the second portion we just got.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was amazed! Why – because I’ve found that milk is the root cause of most allergies, and more than 70% of the world’s population cannot digest the milk sugar, lactose.

Dairy Products And Breast CANCER: The Real Connection

Why Do Chinese Women Have Less Breast Cancer?

But, I was shocked when I found that in 1989, the yoghurt had been related to ovarian cancer. Dr Daniel Cramer of Harvard University examined hundreds of women with ovarian cancer and recorded their diets. Well, I was so glad that I’ve discovered this, because this made me give up dairy products completely, including milk, yoghurt, butter, milk, and all kinds of products which contained dairy.

“But, from my point of view, I really understand the relation between breast cancer and dairy produce just like I understand the link between lung cancer and smoking. And, one more thing – I highly believe that my discovery of the link between the two helped my cure breast cancer, and maintain the balance of my hormonal system, as well as the health of my breasts.”

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