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High Life Why Do People Have Sex In A Car? 4 Things You Need...

Why Do People Have Sex In A Car? 4 Things You Need To Know Before Going Wild On Your Back Seat

Having sex in the car is always fun. And if you’ve never done it, then you should put it on your list. It is fun to deceive someone and do something in dark. Just enjoying intimacy and in the back of the mind hoping that no one notices it creates that extra thrill.

Some couples do it to spice up their sex life. Amateur couples think of it as ‘adventurous’ and ‘exciting’. According to the Bustle, studies have found that when it comes to the most common fantasies for women, both an “unusual place” and a “romantic location” top the list.

Before you and your soulmate (just saying) make each other comfortable on the back seat, here are 4 things you should know first.

Sex in a Car
Source: Men’s Health

1. Cars Are For Quickies Only

Cars are for quickies on your lunch break or, for those of you still living with mum and dad, a speedy bang before getting dropped off back home.

2. You Really Only Have Two Possible Options For Sex Spots In The Car

You really only have the passenger seat and/or the back seat to have sex.

Sex in the Car
Source: Metro

3. You Really Need To Park Someplace Super Private

You definitely want to choose a place that’s very well hidden. Otherwise, You’ll either be mistakenly welcomed into the local dogging community or you’ll spend all night down the police station.

4. Leg Cramps Are Inevitable

Well, any position where you can’t total stretch out your legs is liable to cramp up something.

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