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High Life Why is The Handwriting of All The Doctors so Poor? Here is...

Why is The Handwriting of All The Doctors so Poor? Here is The Valid Reason

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Understanding doctor’s prescription is not everyone’s cup of tea! As per an assumption, 99 out of 100 times, doctors write in some illegible script that only he and the pharmacist can understand. Perhaps that’s the reason why the Union Health Ministry decided to bring in a gazette notification asking doctors to write their prescriptions in capital letters!

A doctor explains it better that why their writing is usually so bad. He said, he got first prize in handwriting competition when he was in school. But, now. Holy lord! “During the exams, one can call the first page of my sheet as etched by a craftsman. A damn perfect cursive writing. Beautifully written words. Later, even I can’t read my own stuff.” Is the reason their exams? Doctors in making have to complete long answers in minimum time during exams. Anxiety kills them. They are not given any choices in exams. They have to write everything in a limited time. Hence, the reason they develop poor handwriting. Damn their exams.

The another doctor on Quora answered this question,

“I used to tell my patients that, in medical school, we doctors were required to take a course entitled, “Bad Handwriting 101”. All kidding aside. The reason for this probably stems from the pressure faced by health care providers to document everything in the medical record and, particularly in primary care, to have to treat ever-increasing volumes of patients in ever more constricted time periods. Looking at my own handwriting in paper charts from when I started in practice in 1979, my notes were eminently legible. However, you can see the progressive deterioration in readability as you move forward in time.”




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