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Why Does The Bride Sit at Left Side During ‘Phere’ in Hindus?

Why Does The Bride Sit at Left Side During ‘Phere’ in Hindus?


In the Hindu religion, marriage has an important value. In this religion, every ritual of the wedding has its own importance. Whether its Mangalsutra, Sindoor or 7 rounds around the sacred fire lit (Phere). Without these Phere, the marriage is considered as incomplete. If you ever notice, a bride sits on the right side of the groom in 3-4 rounds but after them, she changed her position and sits on the left side.

Why does a bride sit on the left side? Why is it mandatory? Let us tell you, according to Hindu astrology, a woman’s left side and a man’s right is considered as pious. This is the reason why in Palmistry a woman’s left and man’s right hand is considered to study.

The left side of a woman symbolizes love, calm and composed nature whereas the right side of a man symbolizes power and determination, according to astrology researchers. The religious reason is that, the Hindu gods Lord Vishnu and his wife Lord Lakshmi have a paramount place. They are considered as the Gods of fortune and as Lakshmi Ji sits on the left side of the Lord Vishnu, during marriages Hindu brides also do the same as a symbol of reverence.

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