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Why Every Guy Must Date A Punjabi Girl Atleast Once

Be it Geet from Jab We Met or  Shruti Kakkar from Band Baja Baraat Punjabi girls have always rocked the screen as well as in real life. Their Superb bindaas attitude paired with cute and chirpy nature is bound to knock at the hearts of men. And probably this is why every guy must datea Punjabi Girl atleast once.

1. Their confidence is super Sexy and catchy!  Almost all punjabi girls ooze out confidence and they speak their mind no matter what.


2. Punjab Girls cook really well!  Since we’ve heard this all too often that Aadmi ke Dil ka rasta pet se ho kar jata hai. So every guy please make a note nobody can make yummy Butter chicken and Dal Makhni better than a punjabi girl.

3. And they can tap their feet to any music. Punjabi girls as confident and smashing as they are never stay behind at parties or gatherings and can tap their feet to any sort of dance number. Be it hip hop or Bhangra she can rock it!



4. They Love Good Music. Punjabis be it girls  or boys often have great taste in music. You can actually trust your girl in this one giving her the control tomusic in your car.

5. Good Looks run in the Community.  Most punjabi girls that you’ll see around will be  beautiful in any shape or size as they are bound to have radiant smile to keep all the beauty intact.


6. Punjabis have a Good sense of Humour. There’ll probably be no dull moment in your relationship as they are bound to have a good sense of humour. So she’ll keep you laughing.

7. Chugging down Beer- No girl does it better than a Punjabi Girl. While dating a Punjabi girl you may never need any other drinking partner as punjabi girl will be the best company for a few..oops! many drinks.


8. She wll get all Your Non-veg Jokes. Like I said wth a good sense of humour they also have a big heat and so she can even take a joke thrown in her way.

9. She will mix up in ypur family in a jiffy. Punjabis are known for being social and partying alot. So she’ll know all about handling elders and youngers and a perfect girl to bring home to your mom.


10. Punjabis ae also known for their extravagant Weddings and parties. Forget marrying a south indian or whoever if you want a wedding that people just won’t forget. Seriously, It will really be the most grand and amazing party of the country.

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