High Life 6 Reasons Why Today's Humans Are Dying at an Early Age

6 Reasons Why Today’s Humans Are Dying at an Early Age

In Hindus Holy book, Mahabharata, it is written that the average age of a man is 100 years. Then why people die at an early age? The reason has been told by Mahatma Vidur to Dhritarashtra. This given Shloka describes it:

अतिमानोअतिवादश्च तथात्यागो नराधिप।

क्रोधश्चात्मविधित्सा च मित्रद्रोहश्च तानि षट्।।

एत एवासयस्तीक्ष्णा: कृन्तन्यायूंषि देहिनाम्।

एतानि मानवान् घ्नन्ति न मृत्युर्भद्रमस्तु ते।।

Let’s explain in simple words, here are 6 reasons why today’s human is getting older at an early age.

1) Immense pride or boast

The overly self-obsessed person who thinks he is most intelligent than others considered as arrogant. Such persons always think that others are below them. His arrogance or boastful nature gradually lessens his age.

2) Most talkative

Talking much sometimes put you in hard situations. A person will face negative outcomes of that! This affects human life majorly.

3) Anger

It is considered as the biggest enemy of the human. In anger, a man lost his control and does things that can affect him in a long run. According to Mahabharata, this habit lessens the age of a human.

4) Lack of sacrifice

For a better world, man has to possess qualities of sacrifice and devotion. Lack of such things reduces age.

5) Back-stabbing a friend

According to the Shastras, back-stabbing a friend is the biggest sin.

6) Greed

It is believed as the biggest enemy of a human. Due to this, a man loses control over him and commits sins.

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