Why India Can Never Be A Developed Country ? Will Our Country...

Why India Can Never Be A Developed Country ? Will Our Country Always Be A Developing Nation

Why India Can Never Be A Developed Country ?


What is a developing country ?  A developing country is a third world country is a nation with less developed  Industrial Base and Low Human Developed Index. In a Developing country, these are main flaws – Illiteracy, Low life expectancy rate, low income, and low fertility rate. So, Why India can never be  a developed country. We think it is pretty clear now. But let’s analyze the factors which are major to be considered.

There are main 7 reasons which clarify as to why India can never be a developed country !

The Never Ending Gap Between Rich And Poor

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This reason is the main reason as to why India can never be a developed country !  The gap between Rich and Poor. There is a huge gap between different classes of people. Some are extremely rich and other’s hardly get a one-time meal. So, How can a country really develop when a large section of the population is literally begging.



Corruption other huge…reason why India can never be a developed country. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom. Every government office, politicians, police force. Even a large section of public believe in corruption and do corruption as well. There is just one wise officer or civil servant out of a thousand who is not corrupt.

The Caste System

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The rigid Caste system of India which is centuries old is another cause why India can never be a developed country. How can a country develop unless everybody is treated equally ? There is racial discrimination everywhere. Even in a  family,  the racial discrimination can exist.

Unemployment And Population

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Unemployment can never end as the population of the country is very much. A lot actually. Either there should be enough jobs for the growing population or the population should be measured. Both seems impossible. So, which concludes that India can never be a developed country.

Pollution And Environment Degradation

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The pollution and environmental is another main cause as to why India can never be a developed nation as there are many issues air pollution, noise pollution, garbage pollution, water pollution. These things are a major drawback.

All these factors are main but the list is never ending there are many other reasons also, like illiteracy, education system, the apathy of the media, crime against women and terrorism. all these are pulling back our country from upgrading and these issues are such which can never end.

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