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High Life Why Indonesia Is Termed As a "Second India"?

Why Indonesia Is Termed As a “Second India”?

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Bilateral relations between India and Indonesia are very good as both the countries shared two millennia of close cultural and commercial contacts.  Indonesia has an embassy in Delhi and India operates an embassy in Jakarta. Both are member states of the G-20, the E7 (countries), the Non-aligned Movement, and the United Nations.

Similarities Between India And Indonesia?

Why Indonesia Is Termed As a "Second India"?

  1. The Indonesian folk art and dramas are based on stories from the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  2. The Hindu, Buddhist and later Muslim faith travelled to Indonesia from the shores of India.
  3. The entire Indian Subcontinent and Indonesia have got a long history of trade with each other.
  4. Environmental problems and conservation efforts.
  5. Secular nature.
  6. Bollywood films and musUntitled-design-221ic are also popular in Indonesia.
  7. Ramayana is a major theme in Indonesian dance drama traditions, especially in Java and Bali.
  8. Indonesian archipelago was heavily influenced by the dharmic civilization of India.

Indian Community in Indonesia

Why Indonesia Is Termed As a "Second India"?

There are around 100,000 Indonesians of Indian origin in Indonesia. They are mainly engaged in trade dealing in textiles and sports goods. Indians living in Indonesia includes engineers, consultants, chartered accountants, bankers and other professionals.

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