Entertainment Why is Kim Kardashian famous? Leaked Sex Tape Or Glamour, Check Out...

Why is Kim Kardashian famous? Leaked Sex Tape Or Glamour, Check Out The Reasons

Kim Kardashian- an American reality television personality, actress, model and businesswoman. She is self-obsessed or we can say Kim is queen when it comes to self-promotion. But, the real question is Why Kim Kardashian Is Famous? What made her popular? Check out the reasons:

Leaked Sex Tape

Why is Kim Kardashian famous
Source: BBC

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Kim Kardashian received wider notice after a “leaked” sex tape starring rapper Ray J and Kim was out in 2007.

Famous Connections

Why is Kim Kardashian famous
Source: EOnline

Kim Kardashian attended preschool with Paris Hilton. Her father Robert Kardashian was a big-shot LA lawyer in the OJ Simpson case. She celebrated her 14th birthday party at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Kim Kardashian Is A Marketing Genius

Why is Kim Kardashian famous
Source: Elite Daily

Kim carefully edited and scripted her life. She knows what market needs. Also, Kim is a workaholic, She often shoots for 10 to 12 hours a day – more, if there’s a particularly big storyline.

Empowering Women

Kim Kardashian is a highly successful multi-faced entrepreneur. She’s also part of a powerful family of creative women who works hard and proved their dominance over men.

An Entrepreneur

Source: EOnline

Kardashian stars in a popular reality TV show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians). Kim has published books, graced the cover of Vogue, launched a popular app, has a clothing line and a perfume brand.

Mobile Game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian famous
Source: The Sun

It was released in 2014. From then, it has been downloaded 45 million times, played for over 5.7 billion minutes, generated $160 million and earned Kim $45 million.

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Appeal

Kim Kardashian famous
Source: Fox News

Kim Kardashian is beautiful, sexy and every girl on Instagram wants to be like her. Her perfect makeup adds to her exquisite looks.


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