JCB Yellow Colour

‘JCB’ This brand is very famous in India. You must have also seen many machines of JCB company in your vicinity. In India, people have a different level of craze about JCB. Whenever JCB excavates, crowds of people automatically come to see it. The extent is reached when people keep watching the excavation of JCB for many hours without getting bored. Now from this point, you can get an idea of ​​the brand value of the JCB company in India.

If you have noticed, most of the JCB machines are of yellow color. It is not painted red, green, or blue. You will see it only in a special yellow color. In such a situation, have you ever wondered why JCB people paint their machines only with yellow color? Today we are going to unveil this secret. But before that let’s know some interesting things related to JCB.

JCB is a machine manufacturing company headquartered in Staffordshire, England. Meaning it is a British machine manufacturing company. Its machines are used all over the world. It mostly manufactures machines used in construction-related works. The plans of this company are in 4 continents of the world.

Another interesting thing about this company is that it is also the world’s first anonymous machine. This machine was launched in 1945. Then its creators thought about its name for several days, but did not suggest anything good. Then it was later renamed Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB).

Very few of you would know that JCB was the first British private company to start its factory in India. Presently India is the largest exporter of JCB machines in the world. Joseph Cyril Bamford’s first machine was a tipping trailer which was launched in 1945. Then its market price was 45 pounds (about 4000 rupees).

JCB was the company that made the world’s first and fastest tractor ‘Fastrack’. He launched this tractor in the year 1991. Then the maximum speed of this tractor was 65 kilometers per hour. This tractor also got the ‘Prince of Wales’ award. In 1948, only 6 employees used to work in JCB company, but at present, there are around 11 thousand employees in this company who are working all over the world and are making the name of the company bright.

Initially JCB machines were made in white and red colours. However, later the company changed its color to yellow. Now they make all their machines in yellow color only. This is because the yellow colored JCB can be easily seen from a distance at the excavation site. With this people come to know that the work of excavation of JCB is going on here.

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