Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to play DC Comics' Lobo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that time is to see the Man bat of Breaking Point , but he still has a “Main Man” in the anti-hero Lobo DC Comics. Morgan revealed in 2009 that he was looking for the role of Wolf in a movie planned by Guy Ritchie.

The role, once claimed by Dwayne The Rock Johnson before committing to Black Adam , has been in limbo for years; In 2019, it was reported that Warner Bros. he was still developing Lobo as a possible director’s film. Transformers, Michael Bay.

“There are so many superheroes. I really love Lobo, ”Morgan told CinePOP while promoting The Unholy , his new film produced by Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi.

I really wanted to do Lobo for a long time, but we’ll see. We’ll see, I have something that maybe is cooking and I’ll let you know soon if it turns out to be like that, I love the comic world and hope I can keep playing in this world for a long time.

At this moment in DC News, the filming of Flash is already underway, where the former star of Batman Michael Keaton reprises his role Dark Knight alongside Barry Allen of Ezra Miller and Bruce Wayne Ben Affleck.

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