Infotainment Why pen cap comes with a hole ? Here is the...

Why pen cap comes with a hole ? Here is the secret.

We usually never give much attention to the smallest of thing around but you know the reality is these sometimes hide very interesting facts within it. Similarly, you must have observed every pen cap comes with a hole on the top, this is due to an important safety procedure.
Its not just about style or design it is to save your life.
If by any chance you swallow this pen getting it stuck through your throat these holed caps make a passage for the air to flow out through your throat. Until fresh air keeps on flowing through your throat you’d live ain’t it ? Small kids usually have the tendency to gulp in whatever comes in hand. Here this simple design saves your loved ones.
People generally have tendency to chew pen caps. In past, one british teen actually choked himself to death after swallowing  a pen cap that cut slut his throat and got stuck.
The little hole is there so that if by chance someone were to swallow the small piece, air could still pass through their throat to their lungs. Small children in particularly are prone to getting their hands on tiny objects that can easily block their airways, but they aren’t the only ones at risk.

Some people tend to chew on pen caps, and it can be accidentally swallowed that way. One British teen actually chocked to death after a pen cap slide down his throat and became stuck.

And moving on to the technical function of it is that it prevents vacuum pressure in return preventing the ink to flow out and be wasted.

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