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High Life This is The Reason Why People Tilt Their Heads Towards Right While...

This is The Reason Why People Tilt Their Heads Towards Right While Kissing

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Well, we are human beings we believe in love, care and share. Kissing is also the part of love, it’s a sign to express your affection towards the person you like or love. However, ever wonder while kissing that why people tilt their heads towards the right? It would be interesting to know via this article that what makes us do that. The answer is based on the theories made by researchers. According to them, a lot of cognitive science and neuroscience is behind this simple natural action of most of the people in the world.

It is natural that whenever you tilt towards the right while kissing your partner also does the same in order to touch your lips. The study suggests that we all have a tendency to match the action of the loved one during a kiss. 

Various theories reveal that….

One of the theories on the same topic reveals that men often initiate a kiss as compare to the women. And while doing that they tilt their heads toward the right. The scientific reason involves in this is somewhat that, even in the womb, fetus seems to turn the head towards the right. Even in adulthood, most of us use right hand and right leg to initiate any action. It is our signature move to do anything, for most of the people and we continue doing the actions by right throughout the lifetime. 

To prove it practically, many researchers requested several couples to go and kiss in private and surprisingly the result was the same as expected. Almost all couples started the kiss by tilting the head towards the right! As to match up the Initiator’s Action, when the initiator tilts towards the right, the recipient naturally does so to reach the lips for completing the kissing action.

Brain Activity Though this action seems very simple on the surface, a lot of brain activity causes the tilt towards the right, researchers say. Going more scientific, hormones like testosterone and neurotransmitters like dopamine contribute to this action too. However, the action may vary in those few people who are left handed. 

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