Swara Bhaskar’s Movie ‘Rasbhari’ Become The latest Target Of Memes

Actress Swara Bhaskar once again gets trolled, after her latest release Rasbhari. The film released on Amazon Prime became meme material. 
High Life Why P*rn Movies Are Called As Blue Films In India

Why P*rn Movies Are Called As Blue Films In India

India is very forefront in the matter of searching p*rn online and this truth is not hidden from anyone. Now if we talk about knowing about it, then it is found lacking in our country, the reason is clear that we see it, but we do not know about it. Today we are going to talk about Blue films, which means p*rn. Do you know why they are called blue films, don’t worry if you not, we are going to tell you the secret behind it.

Earlier, due to the lack of highly developed porn sites, the budget of these films was very low, so cheap ways were used to color the black and white reels of these films, and in that more shades of blue color were shown. Because this color attracts more, the posters of these films were also blue.

About 30-40 years ago, when CD players, mobiles, computers etc, were not there and the only one way to watch porn at home and was VCR. At that time video stores used to give normal VCR cassettes in simple polythene whereas cassettes of porn movies were given in polythene in blue color so that its cover would not be visible to anyone and also that will be easy to identify.

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