Sleep is our best friend and and we can’t go a day without it, (some even hours, like me :P). Getting out of the bed every morning is the toughest thing to do even when you go to sleep on time but hey! If you’re compromising on your sleep for any silly reason, well maybe not such a smart move. Because Sleeping is indeed an important activity for your body.

Nothing feels better than waking up fresh after a long and peaceful night’s sleep. And it will keep you going for the whole day.


Th best are the friday or saturday night’s sleep when you know that you don’t have to wake up early and rush for work.

Sleeping on a Broken Heart Heals it Best.

Sleeping on a broken heart is what heals it more quickly as sleeping for long hours comes to your rescue while you’re avoiding thoughts about your ex.

Sleeping After a Long and Tiring Day is the Best Gift Ever.

Oh those nights when you come home dog tired and sleep like a little baby.

Being Well Rested is what Leads you to the Road of Creativity and Innovation.


when your mind is fresh you think  of the best creative and innovative thoughts that will take you on the road to success.

Avoiding sleep Makes You Grumpy

and you don’t want to spend your whole day in a bad and cranky mood now, do you?

You Often Find Better Solutions to a Problem after a Nap

No wonder, Google has sleeping cells installed for their employees for quick power naps!

Set Your Priorities Right. And sleep is one of Them.

Sleep should surely be in your list of priorities and it won’t disappoint you like stalking your ex would, or talking to random girls/guys who are ultimately going to friendzone you.

If you really Love Someone Let them Sleep! (this is my favorite)


And love the whole world! Let people live and Sleep!

Don’t Believe anyone who uses words like, ‘Too Much Sleep’

Its never enough!

Drift Into Your Dreams…


And work hard to make your beautiful dreams come true!

The Best Relationship You can have is Between You and Your Bed

Unconditional and true love exists…its with your bed!

Morning is all about waking upto a New Day and New Goals!


Sleping on the troubling thoughts and waking up to a new and hopeful day is what morning is all about to begin a new chapter and to take on the world.

So now that you know how much sleep is important and good for your health, Sleep=meditate for 8-9 hours daily. Happy sleeping! zzzzz….

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