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High Life Why Some People Are Introverts ? Are They Born That Way, Let's...

Why Some People Are Introverts ? Are They Born That Way, Let’s Find Out

Who Is An Introvert

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A Person who focuses on internal feelings rather than external surroundings, people’s and life basically.Mostly, people are confused about the concept of introvert and extroverts. They often think about their personality more than think ! They worry about their personality. We all such doubts and questions about ourselves. What makes a person an Introvert ? Let’s find out.

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Who Is An Introvert ?

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There are certain qualities, Yes qualities which an introvert person possess. Introverts feel the need of some personal time , quiet space after a social gathering. Unlike extroverts who feel energized instead. But some introverts like to party or spend time but only with their close friends. They basically shy away from interacting with new persons. 

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Introverts enjoy their own company, like watching your favorite Tv show, a walk in the park etc. 

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Introverts have a small group of close friends, Unlike extroverts who have  a huge list of friends.

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Introverts are often described as shy, reserved, mellow kind of people and other people find it tough to interact with them.

Why Some People Are Introverts ?

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According to a German scientist, the behavior difference of an Introvert and Extrovert is due to Cortical Arousal ( The brain part which deals with Wakefulness, heart rate and muscle tone ), Introverts have naturally high Cortical Arousal than Extroverts. 

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This means that Introverts when exposed to an open  environment , such as a loud environment or a market, they will quickly become overwhelmed or overloaded, because of which they need to stop the flow of information. And this is the major reason that Introverts avoid social gatherings. 

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Another reason as to why some are Introvert and some Extrovert is that the introverts had more blood flow in their frontal lobes and anterior thalamus ( Brain region which deals with recalling events, making plans and solving a problem). Research have also found that the Introverts have more Neural activity than Extroverts, associated with learning things.

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Introverts are more practical in dressing and Extroverts like to decorate themselves. When it comes to explaining things introverts  are more concrete than extroverts. In some life situations, Introverts can find themselves questioning “Is something wrong with me ?”, as being a “People Person” is highly overrated in our society. They may find themselves an outsider because of this reason. The brains of Introverts and Extroverts are different from each other it’s clear now. 

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