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Why And Who Made Sunday an Off Day? A Rare History Fact You Never Knew Before

How badly we wait for Sundays is only we know. Whether it is a kid who goes to school or college student or an employee, Sunday marks the biggest importance in our lives, why? Obviously, because it’s an off-day. But ever wondered who made it an off day and why?

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It is a day of a week that falls between Saturday and Monday. Sunday is a day of rest in most countries of the world, as a part of the weekend and weeknight. In some Muslim countries and Israel, Sunday is the first work day of the week. But others claim it as the last or seventh day of the week.

In Indian, it was the Britishers who started the holiday system, initiated during the year 1843. This was done because the Britishers believed that Lord Jesus created this world in just 6 days and took rest on a Sunday. It is also believed that it was known as the “Sabbath” day means the day on which people would generally take rest from other worldly duties. “Sun does not set in the Empire”. British are followers of the Christian faith and since they had to go to the Church for their prayers on Sunday with their families, they declared Sunday to be the weekly holiday. Hence, this practice continues even till date in all places where the Britishers ruled, including India.

But did you know Sunday is not a holiday in all the Arabian countries? There Friday is a holiday. In some parts of China, Saturday is a holiday and not Sunday.

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