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Why There is no Any Single Dead Body Found as India’s Air Strike Killed 300-400 Terrorists?

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We are not against our country, we are not doubting any move taken by the Indian government. We are really proud of the Indian Armed Forces. But it is actually a thing to consider why not a single dead body of terrorists found in the air strike done by Indian Air Force. As claimed by Indian authorities we destroyed a large number of terror base camps of Pakistan based terrorist groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Hizbul Mujahedin and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In this operation, nearly 300-350 terrorists were killed, as claimed. But no any single dead body of terrorists was found. On this we have two claims by both the countries.

Pakistan’s claim:

The local people of village in Balakot where Indian Air Force had dropped the bombs said that there is only one confirmed victim of India’s air strike and he is not terrorist but a local. He is still unsure why he was shaken awake in the early hours of Tuesday by an explosion that rocked his mud brick house and left him with a cut above his right eye. He is currently admitted at the local hospital.

A 62 years old man named Nooran Shah, a resident of Jaba village, near the northeastern town of Balakot in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province said that “Indians say they wanted to hit some terrorists. What terrorists can you see here?. We are here. Are we terrorists?”

Terrorists’ death tolls estimated by India have been rubbished by Pakistan, which says the operation was a failure that saw Indian jets bomb a largely empty hillside without hurting anyone. Another, resident named Abdur Rasheed said, “It(bombardment) shook everything But No one died. Only some pine trees died, they were cut down. A crow also died.”

Pakistani villagers and Pakistani Army are asking for evidence from the Indian government about the operation and about the causalities belong to terrorists that they are claiming. They also said that the photos of casualties that are going viral on the internet are from the earthquake that hit Balakot in October 2005.

India’s Claim:

Now let’s come to India’s side, according to India it dropped 1000 kg of bombs on the targeted area and due to such massive explosion the bodies of terrorists bombed. Also, the Pakistan Army has cordoned off the entire area of Balakot. They cleared all the evidences such as dead bodies and trash so that they can deny India’s claims of the latest IAF strike which wiped out 300 militants in the area.

It was also said that, terrorist Masood Azhar’s brother-in-law Yousuf Azhar who headed a Jaish camp in Balakot was also killed in Air Strike by Indian Air Force.

We don’t know who’s lying and who’s saying the truth. But the common man needs to understand that these are the political propaganda of political leaders to stay in power. Don’t start hating people across the borders just because of the impact of news that display on both the countries’ news channels. They at some extent manipulate our minds. Contemplate facts before making your opinions.

Long Live Humanity!

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