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Why is Turmeric Paste Applied to Face And Body of Bride And Groom Before Wedding? Reason You Never Thought of!

Turmeric or Haldi in India is not just a spice that makes your food tasty but its also medicine and a natural beauty product. It has a beautiful significance during Indian weddings. This is celebrated in a ritual known as the Haldi or Pithi Ceremony. It takes place in both the bride’s and the groom’s homes a few days before the actual wedding.

Ever thought of why this Haldi ceremony is an essential part of the wedding? The turmeric paste also enhances glow and fairness and promotes healthy skin. This glow is essentially what the Haldi ceremony is all about. The Haldi Ubtan is the mixture of some of the most effective skin-rejuvenating ingredients such as Sandalwood, curd and gram flour.

It is stress buster too. As both the bride and groom during the marriage feel nervous in such case applying the Haldi Ubtan on the skin relaxes the body and mind off tension. Apart from that Haldi has an anti-oxidant named curcumin that can act as a mild counter to depression and anxiety.

It is also a detoxifying agent. It acts as cleanser and purifier when applied on the face. Hence, the bath afterwards the ceremony is meant to purify them. The bride and groom are traditionally forbidden to meet each other until the day of the wedding, once the Haldi ceremony is over. As per religious belief, its powerful properties protect the bride and groom from the evil’s eye. So applying its paste on the bride and groom can ward off any bad omen that may befall them before the wedding. This is also a reason for the bride and groom to stay within the confines of their homes. They do not step outside until the day of the wedding.

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