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News Why Women In Iran Are Ripping Off Their Hijabs?

Why Women In Iran Are Ripping Off Their Hijabs?

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Powerful images have appeared on social media of a number of women standing on telecoms boxes and removing their headscarves. It seems they all are part of a new generation of activists who protest against their country’s restrictive dress code.

A twitter user posted: “A 2nd woman arrested in #Iran for protesting forced #hijab by taking off her headscarf. Name: Narges Hosseini #نرگس_حسینی Women are removing their hijab, posting it with the hashtag #دختران_خیابان_انقلاب meaning #GirlsOfRevolutionSt where #VidaMovahed first took off her hijab.”

On the other hand, Iran’s human right organisation tweeted: “Narges Hosseini was arrested on Tehran’s Enghelab (Revolution) St. today, January 29, for removing her scarf in public in protest against #Iran‘s mandatory hijab. #GirlsOfRevolutionStreet.”

Iran analyst Omid Memarian told Newsweek, “Civil disobedience is costly and women might face arrest and jail time for removing their scarves in public, but women courageously show defiance, indicating that the new generation finds no benefit in staying silent.”

It all started when Vida Mohaved, a woman who was later arrested in December by Iranian authorities after removing her headscarf during a wave of anti-regime protests.

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