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Wife’s Betrayal Landed This Superstar In a Mental Hospital, Today Nobody Knows Whether He’s Alive or Dead!

Today we are going to tell you about a Bollywood actor which once used to be the favourite of fans. But the time took a drastic twist which changed everything and today nobody knows that he is alive or dead. We are talking about the handsome actor of 80s Raj Kiran, who worked in films like ‘Arth’, ‘Karz’, ‘Ghar Ho To Aisa’, ‘Teri Mehrabaniya’, ‘Basera’, ‘Bulandi’ etc. Raj Kiran’s full name is Raj Kiran Mahtani.

He was born on February 5, 1949, in Mumbai. There was a time when he used to be the first choice of the director’s. His song ‘Tum Itna Jo Muskara Rahe Ho’ was one of the greatest hits. Today nobody knows about his whereabouts. His contemporary Rishi Kapoor was his good friend. After so many years of his missing, in 2011 when Rishi Kapoor met Raj Kiran’s brother Govind Mahtani, he told him that Raj Kiran is in a mental asylum in America’s Atlanta from last 10 years.

According to some media reports, Raj Kiran was betrayed by his wife and son. This made him went into depression and losing mental peace. A Bollywood actress Deepti Naval, once claimed that she saw him while riding a taxi in the US. On the other hand, his wife has Kathija Nachiyar had denied all the accusations. Raj Kiran’s daughter Rishika Mahtani said that her father is missing for 9 years, police and private detectives are searching for him. His missing is very controversial, even his Wikipedia account refers to his status as missing.

Raj Kiran was last seen on the TV in Shekhar Suman’s TV serial Reporter. This Bollywood industry is bad, once you are star everyone will come after you, the day you will go out of the limelight, they forget you like you never existed. This is what Abhishek Bachchan also said about Bollywood when he was invited to Koffee With Karan 6’s episode recently.

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