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Wikileaks Exposes Indian Agencies: Why Wikileaks Is Bad For All?

The whistleblower website made public about one million emails of Hacking Team. It showed how the company conducted business with agencies like the RAW and Intelligence Bureau and on one instance, it even went to the extent of changing words in bid documents to suit the buyer who did not want to appear buying “offensive” stuff.

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While negotiating to buy a surveillance product, the Indian agencies seem to have urged Hacking Team to use “softer words” in tender.

Another email showed that an Indian agency was looking for a product that can cause “infection on target outside the country. Wikileaks revealed several other emails from the Hacking team that had an indian connection.

With this release I am questioning both the value and motives of WikiLeaks itself. Is there a genuine public good in publishing the internal communications of diplomats and world leaders? Most will say “yes”.

Mind you I’m sure there were “lies & hypocrisy” present in those cables. If we could go over the last 250,000 emails any of us sent I’d wager there would be plenty of both to go around. After all, what you tell your classmates about what you really think of that one professor, or the candid thoughts you share with a colleague about the intellectual “gifts” of a potential client may not always sound as sweet in the morning sun.

“You blow the whistle to speak the truth, not to hear the sound.” In my opinion, there is a distinction between truth tellers and gossip-peddlers. Wikileaks crosses the line here.

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