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Shocking Wikileaks Has Joined The Trump Administration




During the 2016 US Election campaign, Donald Trump declared, “I love Wikileaks.” By releasing batches of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Wikileaks helped slant the election in Donald’s favor.

trump with assange

Source: RT

Trump has not condemned Wikileaks. The intelligence service he commands has suffered a destructive rupture of security. Wikileaks has never leaked Russian secrets and has been identified as a frontal for Russian intelligence by the US intelligence community. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an estimate in January: “Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.”

Trump tweeted against all allegations:  “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Putin Trump Clinton

Source: CBC

It is obviously not a coincidence that Wikileaks released secret CIA’s files regarding hacking just three days after trump made baseless wiretapping an issue.

On 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks published content code-named “Vault 7” Year Zero. On 16 February 2017, WikiLeaks released a pretended report on CIA intelligence orders (NOFORN) for the 2012 French Presidential Election. In January 2009, WikiLeaks released 86 telephone intercept recordings of Peruvian politicians and businessmen involved in the 2008 Peru oil scandal.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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