India Controversy Over Sania Mirza's Pregnancy, The Child Will be Pakistani or Indian?

Controversy Over Sania Mirza’s Pregnancy, The Child Will be Pakistani or Indian?

India’s tennis star Sania Mirza is pregnant after long 8 years of her marriage. Sania Mirza revealed about her pregnancy on social media. To let you know Sania is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Their marriage was criticized by the people in both the countries. But still, the couple stood strong by each other’s side.

Even after marriage, Sania didn’t leave the citizenship of India. She plays from India even today. Now her pregnancy is grabbing all the attention in the media. Earlier she said that she didn’t get married to Shoaib for making friendly ties between the two countries. She did so because she fell in love with him. She also said that if everyone is free to do anything then why she and her marriage is questioned by the media every single time.

Recently, a reporter asked Shoaib Malik that, what his child is going to be? An Indian or a Pakistani? He said his soon-to-be-born child will neither take up the Pakistani nor the Indian nationality. The journalist had asked:

“Since you say that we are soon going to be chacha(uncle) of a nephew or niece, could we know what nationality would he/she hold?”

To this, Malik responded that

“if you were a real chacha, you would not be asking such a question (laughs)”.

“It does not matter what nationality my child will take up. Maybe it matters to the media, but it does not to us whether he/she will be a Pakistani or Indian. However, my child would take up a third and alternate nationality.”

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