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Trending 'Wink Girl' Priya Prakash Varrier Deactivates Her Instagram Account

‘Wink Girl’ Priya Prakash Varrier Deactivates Her Instagram Account

Priya Prakash‘s Instagram page got more than a million fans in an instant. Not only this, but many brands also started offering her for advertising as well. However, due to this fame, she became the easy target of trollers.

Trollers were commenting strangely on each of her posts. Now amidst the lockdown, while all celebrities are most active on social media, Priya Prakash has deactivated her Instagram page.

According to DNA, Priya Prakash’s father has confirmed that Priya has made a right decision to deactivate her Instagram account, as she needed a break from all this. However, he said that this is only temporary. She can rejoin her platform whenever she feels right. “

Actually, Priya wants to portray herself as a serious actress. She does not want people to take her as social media influencers and ignore her. However, at a time when all celebs are spending their time on social media, then Priya Prakash has deactivated her Instagram. This is a little beyond comprehension.

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