On 23rd February Maratha Sangh organised a protest in Nashik demanding reservations. A man named Anup Swarup stole the limelight from the cause of reservation. The reason was – he was wearing a 1 Kilo Gram of gold. He was seen wearing many gold rings, bracelets, wrist jewellery like armlets and heavy gold chains around his neck. What’s more is that according to reports heavy security arrangements were made for the security of ornaments.

With 1 KG Gold On Body This Man Demands Reservation
source : Dainik Bhaskar

Anup is a Sena functionary from Bhandup in Mumbai area. He was sitting on agitation demanding reservation. He was seen shouting slogans of Shivaji and he also said the reservation is his “right”.

With 1 KG Gold On Body This Man Demands Reservation
Source : Dainik Bhaskar

This organisation is demanding reservation for Maharashtra’s Maratha community.

It’s ironic that where the reservations are meant to be for people who are from backward community, does this person who is wearing gold worth lakhs is also expecting a reservation!

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