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High Life A Place Where Wife Swapping is Not a Crime, Instead People Celebrate...

A Place Where Wife Swapping is Not a Crime, Instead People Celebrate This Practice!

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Have you ever heard about the ‘Wife Stealing Festival’? If not then we will tell you about this weird culture of the world today. This is a peculiar custom in the tribe of Wodaabe in Nigeria, West Africa. Here, men have to impress other person’s wives to marry them. People of Wodaabe tribe in Africa celebrate such a festival every year, in which many women gather and sit on the ground. 


This group of females includes both married and unmarried women. In this Wife Stealing festival, females choose her partner. Women choose men on various things. The choice mainly depends on how the man looks and how well he dances. Men prepare themselves for the whole year for this festival. 

Their makeup on the face plays a vital role in impressing women. Once if a woman gets impressed from the man and agrees to live with him. She can marry him and stays for one year until the festival comes. Their relationship is consider as legal. If a married woman gets impressed with another man then she is free to go with him and her husband can’t stop her to do so. 

The other side, bachelorettes too can choose their husbands during the festival. Here women are free to get physical with any man they want to before and after marriage.

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