Woman Asks Her 20 Boyfriends to Each Gift Her an iPhone 7 Then Sells Them to Buy a Home

A piece of news is getting viral n social media which is coming all the way from China. Here Chinese women tricked her boyfriends. Yes, she had not 1 or 2 but 20 boyfriends. She convinced them each to buy an iPhone 7 for her. And what she did next is surprising everyone.

After getting these iPhones from her boyfriends, she sold them on reusing site, winning herself about £725 for every phone. She at that point utilized the assets to put down a store on a house. Well, whether the news is fake or real hasn’t confirmed yet by the BBC.

A Chinese report said that “Everybody in the workplace is discussing this presently. Who realizes what her beaus think now this news has turned out to be open.”

This report also stated that, the girl wasn’t from a well off family and that “her folks are getting old and she may be under a ton weight wanting to get them a house”. Some social media users also praised the girl for her strategy. The hashtag “20 mobiles for a house” immediately started trending on social media in China after the news went viral.