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A 40 year old woman was reported dead by her husband. Mother of 69 children died on Sunday in the Gaza Strip.

The super lady conceived 27 times in her life. She was believed to be the most fertile woman. According to the sources she gave birth to twins 16 times, three twins seven times and four twins four times. Reports says that this is not the first time a woman gave birth to 69 children. The Guinness world record says a Russian Woman had also given birth to 69 children.


Now the question is conceiving and raising one child is very much demanding in it self, how was it possible to have 69 children at the age of 40. This means she was pregnant for most of her life.This lady sounds to be an extreme example of having twins,triplets many times. Tendency to have twins runs in the family which helped her to be the mother of 69 children.

Another such record was there in Guinness world record a woman gave birth to 11 babies at a same time. She delivered the babies without the operation. She delivered all the eleven babies normally. Doctors were surprised to see the good health of babies as well as of the mother. Really mothers are next to  god , they are the only ones who can bear so much of pain for her children and family. Hats off to all the beautiful ladies.

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