Courtney Rogers

Usually, parents give birth to two or more four children. In the 21st century, parents are producing only one child. Because it is not easy to raise more children than this. This not only makes the family big, but it also becomes difficult to manage the expenses of the family. But a woman named Courtney Rogers living in Mexico, America has broken all the records, women have given birth to 11 children at the age of 37 and now 12th is also in the line. The woman has told the real reason behind becoming a mother so many times after her twelfth pregnancy.

Courtney Rogers

The woman has given birth to about 1 child every year in the last few years. According to the report of The Sun, a 37-year-old woman living in Mexico says that ‘I always felt good during pregnancy, I do not feel weak and do not have pain. It is different for everyone, but my body takes pregnancy very well. Courtney further said that if it was not for this then we would not have so many children. However, being a big family, we also have to face problems. Perhaps this is the reason why she no longer wants to give birth to children further.

Referring to the problems, Courtney says that due to having a big family, we face a lot of problems, wherever we want, it becomes very crowded. We also have to use a 15-passenger van or traveler to travel. The last time we went on vacation, we rented a house because we had to buy multiple rooms in the hotel. Despite having 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in our own house, our house is getting smaller.

Courtney Rogers

Interesting fact about Courtney Rogers family

The most interesting thing is that everyone’s name in her family starts with C. Actually both Kourtney and her husband Chris Rogers’s name starts with ‘C’. That is why she has also named all his 11 children from C, and will also name the new member from the old one. At present, both the couple have 6 sons and five daughters.

If you are thinking that the courtney is the only woman who has given birth to so many children then you are wrong. Yes, it may be that she is the only woman in this century to give birth to 11 children at the age of 37. But before this, there are about 100 women who have given birth to more than 20 children. A woman named Valentina has given birth to the highest number of 69 children in the world so far.

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