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Girl Jumped Into a Storm Drain After Hearing ‘Weeps’ Coming From There, What She Found Next Will Melt Your Heart!

Some stories you read on the social media makes your day. The story we are going to share now is one of the kind. A stranger saw a young woman doing something very unusual so he started filming her. The young woman gets down on her hands and knees on the pavement by the side of the road. They could hear tiny cries seeming to come from under the sidewalk, from a concrete drainage basin.

The woman struggles a little to enter the storm drain. So she starts lying flat against the coarse asphalt, she slips through the narrow concrete opening feet first, lowering herself into the storm drain. She successfully bumped into the drain and moves towards the sound of weeps and what she found next totally melted everyone’s heart there!

It was a tiny kitten! he was crying as he got lost and fell down into the drain. The little creature was rescued and we hope that both the kitten and this young woman are doing well!

Watch the video of this beautiful rescue operation here:

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