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Woman Returns Home With Boyfriend From Extra-marital Affair After 15 Days, Panchayat Gives Inhuman And Shameful Punishment




In Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh an incident happened a few days ago which is now grabbing the limelight. A love-couple that includes an already married woman and her unmarried boyfriend got eloped from their native village. The woman returned home with her boyfriend from extra marital affair after 15 days.

However, their families refused to accept them as well as their relationship. The case then reached to Village Panchayat that announced an inhuman punishment to the couple. The couple was asked to hold the rooster position (Murga Punishment) with their heads leaning down and their fingers are on the ears for an hour, asking for forgiveness.

A video from the incident also got viral on social media, watch it below:

After this, the SP of Pratapgarh district’s police station, S Anand asked to probe into the matter. To let you know, the woman is a mother of three children, she fell in love with a boy who used to live in her neighbour. They accepted that they got married secretly and now will live together.


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