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High Life She Shot By Her Husband On Face, Got Brutally Damaged And Now...

She Shot By Her Husband On Face, Got Brutally Damaged And Now Her Face Transplant Will Pop Your Eyes Out

Everyone in this world has a unique story to tell. Some are lucky they have a perfect life with perfect people around. However, some have a struggling life with thousand of ups and downs. But we can’t complain we have to go with life wherever it takes us. 

Talking about love, looking for the one you think you can spend your whole life is a very difficult task but we generally find them when we’re least expecting them. Unfortunately, not all married couples remain together, but not every relationship has tumbled down like that. Some relationships can end on friendly terms, whereas others could be surrounded by hostility and negativity.

This is a story of Connie Culp, she faced a brutal incident in her life. After that, she got shattered. She said, “our relationships would last a lifetime, I mean, it kind of goes with the whole “’til death do us part” thing, right?”

Dejectedly, relationships can take a lot of unexpected turns, they look beautiful before getting into them but after that its a whole new story! As some people show their true side after marriage.

Connie was happily married to the man of her life. They had beautiful kids together. But one night it all got to change. As she got bullied and beaten by her husband every day. One day after getting into an argument her husband, Tom Culp, aimed a gun at her and shot her in the face, leaving her disfigured.

She got shattered and completely broken but like they say never loose hope. A few years after the traumatic incident, Connie was put in line to receive the first face transplant in the United States. She had an extensive damage but doctors were certain they could help her.

The only thing stopping Connie from getting her face transplant was the need to find a matching donor, though that donor eventually came. After passing away from a heart attack, Anna Kasper was shown to be a match for Connie.

After the long 23 hours of surgery, Connie was reborn as a new person. She said,

“I know it’s not my face, but I feel thankful that I have one now.”

And after some years, Connie’s face kept undergoing changes and finally, she became able to lead a normal life. She divorced her husband and moved on!

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