News Woman Throws A Bucket Of Acid On A Doctor For A Shocking...

Woman Throws A Bucket Of Acid On A Doctor For A Shocking Reason

Doctors are supposed to save our lives and when they fail to do so, the whole country criticizes them and wants to put them on fire but what when a doctor himself is on the verge of death?

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This heart saddening incident happened in the Vaishali area of Ghaziabad when a 45yr old woman threw acid on the body of a 28yr old doctor Amit Verma. Reports have said that she entered the clinic of doctor at 8AM and poured 4 litres of acid on the doctor, giving him deadly burns on chest, arms, face and abdomen.

A woman did this to a life-saving doctor, but why?

The 45-year-old women, whom Amit used to consider as an ‘Aunty’ actually fell in love with him. When her proposal got refused by him, she got angry and took such harsh step.


The world complains that it is always the men who have forget their limits, but the equality can be only brought to this world if each and every man and woman present on this planet behaves properly.

Currently, Dr. Amit is in critical condition and is admitted to Yashoda hospital in Ghaziabad where he is kept under care.

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