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Women Who Defied The Odds And Became Internet’s Favourite by Breastfeeding Their Babies While Working

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A mother is a superhero, no doubt in that! She can do anything for their children by defying odds. No one in this world is as stronger as a mother. Today we will tell you about the boss mothers who became famous on the internet as they breastfeed their children while working for their respective professions.

Model Mara Martin

She made headlines yesterday, on Tuesday when she brought her baby to her “office” on Sunday during Miami Swim Week. Martin made a bold statement on the runway as she walked while breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter at the Paraiso x SI Swimsuit show. While thanking a fashion magazine who appreciated her effort, she wrote,

“THANK YOU for letting all 16 of us be our true selves, strong beautiful women!!! Because of you, my daughter is going to grow up in a better world, where she will always feel this way!!!!!!”

Politician Larissa Waters

She made headlines in May 2017 when she, the Australian Senator has become the first politician to breastfeed in the nation’s parliament. Ms Waters, from the Greens party, fed two-month-old daughter Alia Joy back then! She told to a news website that,

“Women have been doing it in parliaments around the world. Women are going to continue to have babies and if they want to do their job and be at work and look after their baby… the reality is we are going to have to accommodate that.”

Hockey Player Serah Small

She showed, sometimes we have to whip off our top in the most awkward of places. During her gameplay, she realized she’d forgotten her breast pump at home. Serah rushed to her baby and stripped down in the locker room and breastfed between the intervals of the game. She said,

“I don’t think I’ve done anything different than millions of moms before me.”

We salute these moms who breaking the norms defined by this world!

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