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Wonder Woman & The Hulk Sings ‘Imagine’ In Self-Quarantine, Watch This Heartwarming Video

Shubham Banyal



The world is ongoing through a tough time during the coronavirus outbreak. Many celebs are in self-quarantine and they are taking to their social media to stay connected with their fans. This time, Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot took to Instagram to sing John Lennon’s Imagine.

GAL gadot sings Imagine

Gal Gadot made this video by talking about her sixth day in “self-quarantine”. Gal talks about how the situation made her feel “philosophical” about the global nature of the pandemic. She also adds that how she is inspired by the viral singing video of Italian people, who are currently under lockdown.

Italian People Under Lockdown Are Filling Empty Streets With Music

Watch Gal Gadot Singing Imagine here-

Gal Gadot says that “There was something so powerful about this video.” Meanwhile, we think that this is a great medium for celebs to stay connected with their fans. All thanks to social media. Recently, Ankur Tewari and John Legend also performed from their houses for fans.

“It is essential for people to stay indoors and as much as possible, try and avoid being in social gatherings. I wanted to encourage that. I thought I’ll do a gig so they don’t feel that there’s fun happening in the outside world and there’s nothing for them.”

Ankur Tewari to PTI

Here is John Legend’s performance-

I hope you liked this content. This time, we all are fighting with the outbreak of coronavirus, WHO is continuously giving all the updates and precautions that you should be aware of.

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