HBD Shalini Pandey, Superb Actress Who Was Seen In The Kabir Singh Of South

Today (23 September) is the birthday of veteran actress Shalini Pandey of South Indian films. She was born on this day in...
High Life Working On A Saturday Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

Working On A Saturday Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

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Lord be with those poor souls who get called in to work for six days a week! Working on a saturday is worse than you can imgaine and no we are not exaggerating!

1. We dont know what in the world is TGIF! Those TGIF(Thank God Its Friday) statuses on our friends wall just add on to the horrifc pain! arrgghh!

saturday1 - Copy

2. When friends call you to count you in for a saturday lunch and you just can’t help but mentally curse them because you only YOU are working while they enjoy their 2-day weekend!

saturday3 - Copy

3. Sundays come and go in a blur. You don’t even get the time to realise that it was a damn freaking holiday! Especially when you’ve got just one day to run chores and get groceries and in no time the Monsterous Monday hits you again!

saturday4 - Copy

4. You don’t even dare to check your boss’ texts on sunday scared that he/she might ask you for another errand.

saturday2 - Copy

5. If ever you have a bank task scheduled well, then you’re practically screwed because just to go to the bank you’ll have to take a few hours off from work(Wasted).


6. You smartly keep hinting your Boss for a 5 day week hoping that someday your prayers will be answered.

saturday6 - Copy

7. Never did you know about waking up at 8AM on a saturday morning, you didn’t even know if that existed so now you can’t help but take power naps at work.

saturday5 - Copy

8. Writing a blog or article about a working saturday comes as naturally as breathing and you do it at lightening speed(I didn’t even do that, its a saturday..I’m freaking tired man!)

saturday7 - Copy

Catch the drift? You can’t even begin to imagine let alone understand if you’ve never worked on a saturday! Keep us in your prayers though 🙁

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