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News World Bank Rejects India As Developing Country, World Powers Oppressing India ?

World Bank Rejects India As Developing Country, World Powers Oppressing India ?

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For centuries the fight between countries still counts to be same as the developed countries yet again oppress undeveloped or developing countries for their personal benefits. Youngsters and Uneducated part of society is not able to understand this game of politics. We are so much endorsed ourselves into stupid TV serials and movies that we have forgot to understand the real meaning of life.


Politics is a very essential part of life and those who read it and analyze it can understand its importance. Recently, World Bank has strike India’s name from the developing countries list lower middle income company.

The reason is the brain draining of Indian youth, with the ever increase of the older generation and nearly half of the younger generation may be more than that is running towards west does not realizes what they are leaving behind. On one side west considers India the fastest growing economy yet we are undeveloped.

All thanks to our dear politicians those who have no strength to let west know how strong we are. If ever any Indian thinks of politics every eye is upon Mr. Modi as if he is the only one left to solve the entire nation’s problems. What about others? Aren’t there many more politicians who should come forward and bring India out of poverty?

But the best excuse we Indians have is “GHOR KALYUGA” it’s a very dark age going on. Well at least try and take out that aggression of yours or all is to be taken out on the ban of porn websites only. Think hard develop yourself in politics it is much more important than porn.

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