world caner day early cancer symptoms
world caner day early cancer symptoms
10 Early Symptoms Of Cancer

World Cancer Day: According to the National Health Profile 2019 data, between 2017 and 2018, cancer cases in India increased by 324 percent. This includes most common cancer cases like breast cancer, cervical cancer, and also oral cancer. According to the National Cancer Registry Program, about 1300 people die due to cancer every day in India. Now think, when this disease is spreading so fast, there is only one way to stop it from reaching itself to you and your family and that is protection.

World Cancer Day: Early Warning Signs of Cancer

We are telling you about the signs and symptoms that we can also call the early warning signs of cancer. If you notice these signs visible in your body in time, then you will avoid cancer. This is also important because if the cancer is detected in the first or second stage in time, then its treatment is easy and the person is completely cured. But most people do not recognize the symptoms of cancer and by the time they pay attention to it, cancer has reached the last stage and becomes fatal.

Blood comes in urine and stool 

blood in urine and stool

By the way, due to stone in the kidneys, blood also comes in the urine. But if there is bleeding in both urine and feces, get your body examined immediately as it can be a sign of kidney cancer or colon cancer. Apart from this, if someone is suffering from constipation or diarrhea for a long time, and after getting treatment and eating the medicine, the problem is not getting fixed, then do a test with a doctor ASAP.

Weight starts to decrease rapidly

Weight starts to decrease rapidly cancer sympton

If someone has TB or diabetes, then there is a sudden decrease in his weight. But rapid weight loss is also the most important symptom of cancer, which should not be ignored. If a person has lost 8 to 10 kg of weight within 2 to 3 months, then he should get a cancer test done immediately. It can be a sign of stomach cancer or lung cancer. 

Lump in any part of the body

Lump in any part of the body cancer symptom

It is not necessary that every lump of the body is cancerous. But if the lump has formed in any part of the body and it is growing rapidly, then instead of delaying, one should get cancer test done.

Fever that is not healing

Fever that is not healing cancer symptom

If a person is suffering from reoccurring fever, even after doing the medicine, the fever may not be cured. Then it can be an early symptom of blood cancer. By the way, the immune system becomes completely weak due to cancer. Due to which the cancer patient has a fever. But if someone has a fever, it does not mean that he has cancer. If the symptoms of fever are uncommon, do not ignore and get the doctor tested.

Excessive body aches and fatigue

Excessive body aches and fatigue cancer symptom

It is common for anyone to feel tired in today’s running life. But if you feel tired without having to work hard even after catering properly. If this happens for a long time, it can be a sign of a lack of blood in the body as well as cancer. Apart from this, if there is a constant headache or if the back pain is not healing for a long time. Then instead of ignoring these complaints, get them investigated. These can be signs of cancer.

Bleeding without periods

Bleeding without periods cancer symptom

Periods are said to be normal for women to have bleeding during periods. But if the bleeding starts suddenly after the period is over, if it is seen bleeding from the anus. Or if there is excessive bleeding or pain during periods. So do not ignore these things and get a doctor examined. It can be a sign of cancer.

If you have persistent cough or cough

persistent cough or cough cancer symptom

If a person has been coughing for a long time or if blood has appeared in the sputum. Then it may be due to a disease like bronchitis or sinus. But at the same time, it can also be a sign of lung cancer or neck cancer. That is, if someone coughs for more than a month and sees blood in the mucus, then meet the doctor and get a cancer test done. 

Anemia, or lack of blood

Anemia or lack of blood cancer symptom

When there is a deficiency of red blood cells in the body, then such a condition is called anemia. But if there is anemia due to any other reason like lack of iron in the body, then it must be investigated. Because at some times, anemia also happens due to cancer. So an X-ray or endoscopy can be done.

World Cancer Day: If there is any physical problem, then it is not necessary that it is cancer. It can also be another common disease. But it is important to be cautious. So there is no harm in meeting a doctor and doing a test.