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High Life World Environment Day 2020 And It's Theme

World Environment Day 2020 And It’s Theme

World Environment day raises awareness about the environmental issues that our planet Earth is facing. And on account of this special day. Today we have shared its significance and theme.

We would not be able to survive if we do not have clean air and water and land to live on. And just to remind this every year 5th June is remarked as the World Environment day. It was actually a worldwide campaign that UN General Assembly started in 1974. Just to make people aware that ” We cannot exist on this plant alone. We need flora and fauna around us for our survival. And to remind people to not take nature for granted, and to read the signs, understand them, and act accordingly.

Significance of World Environment Day

Do you know what is the significance of this day? If not then let us tell you that it comes with a concept of making people aware of what is needed to be done to protect our environment. This day upraise awareness about environmental issues like global warming, marine pollution, human overpopulation, wildlife protection. And now this concept is spread so far and wide that every year people take an active part in this. 

Last year the environment day came up with the theme ‘Air Pollution‘. But this year in 2020 it comes up with the theme of ‘Biodiversity‘. A foundation that supports all life on land and below water. The topic focuses on how Changing, or removing one element of this web affects the entire life system and can produce negative consequences”, And what should we do in order to protect our environment and need to know unknowingly how exactly we are causing destruction.

In 2018, India was chosen as the host country for the world environment day celebrations with a focus on plastic pollution. But this year in 2020 Colombia will be hosting World Environment Day in partnership with Germany. Now let’s have a look at some of the tweets posted on account of World Environment Day, also know as ‘Eco Day’ or’Environment Day.

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