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High Life World No Tobacco Day 2020: Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

World No Tobacco Day 2020: Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

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May 31st is considered as World no tobacco day, with an effort to promote awareness of the harmful effects that tobacco has on human beings

31st May is considered and observed as World No Tobacco Day all across the world. This day’s primary concern is to promote awareness of the harmful effects that Tobacco has on human beings. Tobacco consumption can take several forms—the most widespread of them is Smoking.

Smoking has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life, due to stress and personal challenges. Especially youngsters who feel that nicotine can be helpful in reducing their weight. According to the reports over 1 million people are killed due to excessive use of tobacco. However many of them feel like quitting it, but it becomes a difficult task for them.’ Just one puff and this is how their habit to quit smoking is delayed. Hence, World No Tobacco Day aims to bring attention to how harmful tobacco can be.

Effective ways to use this lockdown to quit smoking.

Try to workout: Whenever the urge takes over, try to do some exercises, like pushups or planks. You can also practice mindfulness exercises such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises with guided instructions from experts as in digital apps and videos. This will help to ease out stress also may strengthen immunity.

Connect with people: If you get cravings to smoke a cigarette. Indulge yourself more in social activities. Because isolation and fear can negatively affect mental health, which can lead to severe anxiety or depression and hence compels you to take a puff or two, which can further make you more addicted. Spending Quality time with your family can ease out many things.

Get involved in different Activities: Stress and anxiety might lead people to smoke. So the amazing way to distract yourself from this is the activities like knitting, doing the dishes, listening to songs, or watching videos. It has been observed that females as compared to males are more prone to smoking due to family responsibilities work and domestic violence. Therefore these things can help women up to a certain extent.

Take good sleep and rest: It has been observed that adequate rest and sleep for 6-8 hours help minimize the effect of the stress. So mentally take some breaks in between and make a habit of getting a sound sleep. For this, you can grab a cup of sleep-inducing tea, or you can use aroma oils that provide you better sleep.

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