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As per the recent reports, the Mumbai police have dismissed speculation that Disha Salian called them before death.
Trending World No Tobacco Day: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tobacco

World No Tobacco Day: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tobacco

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On each and every packet of cigarette is written ‘smoking kills’ but still people smoke. Should we call this stupidity or bravery? We all know that tobacco is harmful to our health but it also has limited positive health benefits, therefore, tobacco is a do or die game. Although there’s isn’t much which people can achieve with tobacco but no one ever knew its benefits too. Just like no one knew that 31st May is actually World No Tobacco Day.

World NoTobacco Day is an approach to stop the increasing consumption of tobacco but let’s take a look at some advantages of Tobacco:

World No Tobacco day 2016 posters

1. Acts as a temporary stress reliever.

2.  Brings a temporary change in the metabolism of a body.

3. It helps farmers financially.

4. Tobacco releases a natural neurotoxin known as alkaloid nicotine which can be used as a pest control agent when mixed with some other ingredients.

5. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas which is released into our bloodstreams when someone smokes tobacco but when consumed in very small amounts it can help clearing blood clots.

The real reason why you should stay away from Tobacco – Disadvantages of Tobacco:

World No Tobacco day 2016 say no to cigarettes

1. Circulatory, as well as respiratory problems, occur due to the consumption of tobacco.

2. The lesser known effect of tobacco is that its consumption is also responsible for causing blindness.

3.  Causes cancer, lung problems, and diabetes.

4. Nicotine present in tobacco is highly poisonous and just 30-60 mg of nicotine is considered to be lethal for a human being.

5. Increases blood pressure and heart rate, causes oral problems like ulcers, bad breath, and adversely affects teeth.

If you don’t wanna listen to us, then please listen to the cry of these innocent school children:

World No Tobacco Day School children in India

Or at least to what this imagination says:

World no tobacco day posters by school children

Even this wonderful sand art is also trying to tell you something:

World No Tobacco day 2016

Therefore, don’t let the beliefs and hopes of these artists and school children die and say no to tobacco from today only.

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