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High Life On The International Cat Day Meet the World's Richest Cats

On The International Cat Day Meet the World’s Richest Cats

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Today 8th August is an International Cat Day. This day was declared as International Cat Day in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. to celebrate the existence of cats in the world. As well as to celebrate one of mankind’s oldest and closest friend. Therefore, on this occasion we want you to meet the richest cats in the world who are not less than a celebrity.

1) Blackie

Cat Blackie is the richest cat in the world with a net worth of 25 million US dollars according to the Guinness Book of World Records. When his owner Ben Rea died he left all his acquired wealth to his pet, Blackie.

2) Tomasso

Earlier Tomasso was a stray cat, Maria Assunta adopted her from the roads. Assunta was a rich woman, she owned homes and villas in Milan and Calabria, Italy. When she died she left her cat 13 million US dollars property portfolio and entire estate.

3) Tinker

Tinker was also a stray cat until Margeret Layne adopted him. Margaret left 700,000 US dollars and a three-bedroom house for Tinker after her death.

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4) Tardar Sauce

The viral-sensation-turned-international-superstar has $100 million to her name. She is also known as Grumpy Cat. This star helped her owners earn somewhere in the “low six-figure” range in May 2013. She’s had countless endorsements, a sponsorship with Friskies and even her own movie!

5) Tara

Tara received worldwide fame when she protected her owner’s child from being attacked by a neighborhood dog. She became a sensation since then and has proven her earning power by selling branded merchandise, which makes her earn estimated half a million bucks in yearly revenue.


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