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As The World War 3 Is Coming, This Is The Only Way To Survive A Nuclear Blast

World War 3 refers to the next possible worldwide military conflict. If the third global conflict breaks out, it will be a nuclear war. According to the Indy100, the Imperial War Museum is launching the UK’s first major exhibition, People Power: Fighting for Peace,  to explore the evolution of the anti-war movement from the First World War to the present day. It will also be reissuing Protect and Survive, a booklet given to every British household in 1980 during the Cold War.

Protect and Survive in a Nuclear war
Source: Independent

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The booklet is divided into sections telling people what to do before and after a blast. These are the strict instructions:

Before a nuclear blast

It is very important to create a plan with your family,  talk about where you will meet if you get split up etc. Gather supplies such as water, flashlights and non-perishable food. Build a fallout room. Choose the place furthest from the outside walls and from the roof.

how to survive in a nuclear war
Source: Independent

During a blast

First of all, find shelter to avoid any kind of exposure to the radioactive material. Listen to official information about any instructions from emergency response. If a death occurs, place the body in another room and cover it as securely as possible.

survival tips during nuclear attacks
Source: Independent

If you are caught outside during a nuclear attack

Lie flat on the ground and covers your head. Don’t look at the flash or fireball as it can blind you.

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