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High Life World Whisky Day - Here Are The Top 5 Whisky Brands

World Whisky Day – Here Are The Top 5 Whisky Brands

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Asking a few specialists who know a hell of significantly more about whisky than you or us to choose their most loved measures, helping you to amass your own particular accumulation. We remain by their decisions – these are a portion of the best whiskies on the planet, fit for any beverages retire sufficiently huge to hold their tasty containers. From Scotch to Japanese, single malt to mixed, these are 6 of the best and there’s something in here for everybody.

Lagavulin (16 yrs Single Malt)

Fermented in the refineries of Islay, Scotland this one is the most current considerations in the Indian market yet since the day of it dispatch it has required the business sector in no investment because of its unmistakable smell and extremely smoky flavour. This scotch is additionally won different global grants amongst which best Scotch whisky in the Single Malt classification furthermore Best Scotch whisky in peated class merit specifying. The excellence of this whisky lies in its fruity sweetness.

Source : Storymania

Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 Years Old

This single malt scotch whisky is delivered by the celebrated PERNOD RICARD of Scotland. The range of starting point of this scotch is Speyside of Scotland and since the day of it a passage in the business sector it’s making a considerable measure of hums. Because of its stunning taste and smell, it won two grants in global rivalry of whisky. This whisky got different grants in the rivalries yet best Scotch whisky in Speyside Single Malt class of 2015 furthermore Distiller’s Single Malts, 2014 are the two most pined for recompenses that it won in two successive years. It costs just about Rs. 13000 in India today.

Source : Storymania

Johnnie Walker Black Label (12 yrs Blended Scotch)

This is likely the most celebrated and well-known whisky brands in India which began in the Scotland, however, gets its genuine gratefulness in this nation. This brand is most acclaimed amongst the Indians with regards to top whisky brands in India. This is not just considered as the best alcohol in India, on the planet likewise it has its own acknowledgement and specialists. This whisky is painstakingly made from the mix of 40 whiskies and along these lines, it can give you the genuine and best taste of a scotch. The brand is possessed by the Diageo, the biggest producers of alcohol on the planet.

johny walker black label
Source : Storymania

Chivas Regal (18 yrs Blended Scotch)

Since the beginning of this brand in the year 1801 this brand has turned into the main in the mixed Scotch fragment. Produced using twenty single malts this scotch has a particular fragrance and taste of dull chocolate with a touch of the wood. One single jug of this scotch will cost you Rs. 15000 in India.

Chivas Regal
Source : Storymania

Laphroaig, the 10 yrs Single Malt

This intensely peated whisky is the result of the islay and the second contestant in the rundown of the best scotch whisky accessible in India after Lagavulin. This smoky whisky is respected for the therapeutic malts and lavishness of iodine.

Source : Storymania

Happy World Whiskey Day. Cheers!

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