Gas Leak In A Pharmaceutical Company In Visakhapatnam Kills People Again

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News Technology Now Download Movies Literally In Just One Second With World's First 5G...

Now Download Movies Literally In Just One Second With World’s First 5G Smartphone

Now you can download movies in just one second! Yes, you heard it right! World’s first 5G smartphone has launched by Chinese telecom company ZTE on Sunday. This is said to be the world’s first smartphone compatible with the lightening-fast mobile Internet service. 

5G smartphone

The device was launched in Barcelona in North Eastern Spain during the world’s biggest mobile fair, Mobile World Congress. This device will support 360-degree panoramic Virtual Reality videos and fast downloads of ultra Hi-Fi music and videos.

The company has named this device as Gigabit phone. It is the first smartphone which will give download speeds reaching up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). It is also speculated that this phone will be 10 times faster than the first generation of 4G services.

5G smartphone

With this new invention of a 5G smartphone, you can download any feature film in just one second! yes literally in second. With this phone, ZTE has become the first company that has introduced the 5G enabled phone to the world. And the South Korea will become the first country where 5G network’s trial will take place. This trial will take place during the year 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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