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World’s Most Deadliest Jail Where Inmates Kill Each Other And Eat The Dead

Jail in any sense is not a good place. Criminals with a horrific and brutal mindset who are being punished by the authorities for committing crimes like rapes and murders live there. So one can imagine how dreadful that place could be. But what when such cruel criminals feel fear inside the jail? 

Today we will tell you about the world’s most dangerous jail every prisoner gets goosebumps. In this jail prisoners, life remains in danger all the time. 

World’s most dangerous jail – Gitaram Central Jail Rwand

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Gitarama prison in Rwanda is said to be one of the deadliest in the world. It is an overcrowded jail where around 6-7 thousand inmates are locked inside it, whereas the maximum capacity of the jail is only 600, reportedly. We know that criminals don’t need any mercy but this will make you feel bad after knowing that the prisoners of Gitarama prison spend their time mostly standing due to a shortage of space.

Now, the horrific thing about the jail is, the inmates frequently indulge in deadly fights and eat the dead bodies of the prisoners killed to stay alive.

According to some reports, on an average 7-8 prisoners in the jail die daily following its distressing conditions. The prisoners more often remain barefoot and suffer from gangrene.

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